jeff lewis, landscape artist

only way forward

I don’t need to know where I’m goin’, I just need to know where I’ve been…

This album offers a glimpse into my current personal and family life. It’s about an obstacle I never thought I’d overcome, so I ran away from it for over a decade. It’s about things I thought I could never change, but I finally feel in control of. The people I feared turned out to be full of love and support. This is an ongoing story of emergence from a life of fear and doubt, into one of pride in who I am, where I am, and who I’m with.

It’s also my first album to not include any images from an interchangeable lens (dSLR/mirrorless) camera. That brings increased mobility, and has helped renew my passion to create.

Love always, -jl

gallery released October 1, 2019

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