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Welcome to landESCAPEphotography, home of Jeff Lewis’ breathtaking, highly-sought-after images of the natural and meteorological world.


Q. I only see a few of your images in the store. What happened to the rest?

Only a few images are currently available for print. Because landESCAPEphotography is a showcase of meteorology-driven photography, the available images are determined by current and expected weather conditions. For example, in December, expect to see winter images... but a weeklong heat wave might change that for a few days. Once an image enters the rotation, it may only be available for a very short time. Once an image leaves the rotation, it may not enter again for years, until the weather conditions cooperate. If you see an image you like, make sure to act quickly, before it disappears from the store!


Q. My favorite image isn't available in the store. Can I place a custom order?

Nope; that's against the rules! The image you are looking for may be released as a metal or photographic print at any time, often for only a short length of time, so make sure to check back often. You can, however, sign up for our mailing list to be notified when new prints are released. 

Well, there is one exception...


Q. Why do the prices vary among images?

landESCAPE prints embody a powerful method of exclusive limited edition art collection. The value of a landESCAPE print is set based on how many copies of that print have sold. With landESCAPE limited edition prints, the customers, not the artists, drive the market.

Unlike most other limited edition art, an investment in a landESCAPEprint is guaranteed to increase in value the moment you make the investment. The only way to go wrong, of course, is to wait until another collector beats you to your favorite piece, and the price rises…


Q. What do you mean by "limited edition"?

To keep landESCAPEprints unique, rare, and valuable, all images available for print purchase are limited to 50 editions, of all listed sizes combined. All prints are made in a professional photo lab, hand-signed, and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Q. Why do you only offer metal prints and photographic prints?

At landESCAPE, impeccable print quality and customer satisfaction are our first priorities. Rather than offer an exhaustive list of mediocre products, we have done the hard work and discovered the media and sizes that make landESCAPE images shine the most. 


Q. What sizes do you offer?

landESCAPEprints are available in three sizes:

mesoscale, 16x24" *

synoptic, 20x30" *

global, 30x45" *

* For images that do not have a 2:3 aspect ratio, we generally print to keep the surface area about the same (for example, a mesoscale print of an image in a 1:2.5 ratio could be 12x30.)


Q. Can you tell me a little more about the kinds of prints you offer?

Photographic Prints (Hurricane Prints) are our premium version of the timeless photographic print. We use only archival techniques and the best professional photo labs. Rich, vibrant colors and impeccable details are all hallmarks of a landESCAPEprint. 

Metal Prints (Lightning Prints) are contemporary fine art's answer to photographic prints. There is no paper involved; special dyes are infused directly into a thin sheet of metal. The print is then affixed to a professional half-inch backing and arrives ready-to-hang. Absolutely no framing is required; the print appears to float off the wall. You have never seen a more vibrant, alive print!


Q. I'm a little queasy about ordering online, sight unseen. How do I know what I'm getting?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all landESCAPEprints -- if you are not proud and delighted to hang it on your wall, you are eligible for a full refund.

(Don't worry, though -- we know you'll love it!)


Q. Can I order a custom print?

By nature, all prints are custom made. If you would like to order a size that has not been listed on the website, please contact us for a quote. 


Q. Jeez, I never see my question in these stupid FAQs!

Don't worry, we're here for you. :)


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