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Photo by Johnny Wang, 2013. 

Photo by Johnny Wang, 2013. 

Jeff M. Lewis, founder of landESCAPEphotography, is not only a photographer; he is also an experienced weather forecaster with a B.S. in meteorology from UCLA. The results of this combination are nearly unprecedented: Jeff can forecast when the conditions will be ideal for capturing the photograph of your dreams. 

When you send Jeff on a photographic mission, you specify as specific or broad of a request as you would like, and the date by which you would like the final print delivered. Jeff will forecast the optimum time to travel to the location and capture several images, process them, and show them to you. At this time, you will decide which one will be printed, after which one print will be made, photographic or metal, at any size up to 72", just for you. The print is hand-signed and hand-delivered by the artist, and comes with a framed certificate of authenticity. You will also receive high-resolution digital files from the trip for personal use. 

We also do our best to meet alternative requests, which may include options like the final image being released as a limited or open edition print, or the final print being shipped instead of hand-delivered. You may specify these requests in the form below. 

Please fill out the form below, and we will send you a quote and further instructions on how to make your artistic dream a reality. 

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Date preferred
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Tell us about your desired location, subject, mood, and any other special requests. If the print is for a room, what does the room look like? We will be in touch to discuss these qualities in more depth.

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